Part 1
  • 1. You will be assigned to a group
  • 2. Each group should define specific roles for each participant
  • 3. Each researcher is responsible for studying two of the energy sources shown below; one renewable source of energy and one non-renewable source of energy (scroll down for links).
4. Use the following list as a guide for notetaking while researching your two energy sources:

    1. How does this energy get its power? Explain the source of this energy form.
    2. How is this energy transformed into usable energy?
    3. List and describe the advantages to using this source of energy.
    4. List the disadvantages to using this energy.
    5. Where is this source of energy commonly used? Is Texas using this type of energy?
    6. Is this a renewable or non-renewable resource?
    7. How can this energy resource be conserved? Is conservation necessary?
    8. How does using this energy effect the environment?
Part 2
  • 1. Go back to your group and discuss which two resources would be the best to use and why. Design a multimedia presentation (Part 3) along with a written proposal, which shows your findings for O & R. Your proposal should include but not be limited to the following:
    • Why did you choose these forms of energy?
    • Why are they better than the other sources?
    • Where can these energy sources be obtained?
    • How can they be conserved? Is conservation necessary?
    • Are there any effects on the enviormnent?

Part 3
1. Promoting Public Awareness:
    • Each group member will be assigned a role.
      • Choose two of the following options to get your information out to the public:
      1. Create a bifold brochure
      2. Make a commercial (in the form of a skit)
      3. Design a poster
      4. Construct a model that best reperesents how these forms of energy are used.
  • 2. After completing your assignments you should be prepared to share your presentation with the rest of the class. Please prepare for a 5 minute presentation.

Forms of Energy:

More links can be found here: