Homework Help:
Study Jams- This site has many short video clips that can help you review topics we are learning about in class. Find clips on other subjects too!
BBC Bitesize- This site has an accent! Students in the UK are also learning many of the same science topics we are. Check out their video clips. You can find clips for other subjects too!

Did you know that you can get live tutoring help with your Benbrook Library card? Visit this site to get more info:

Moon Phases- demonstrate and predict the sequence of events in the lunar cycle;

Balancing Chemical Equations:

Phet Simulation: Chemical Equation Balancer. Playing the game is a good way to study. You will need Java to run this interactive simulation.
Balancing Chemical Equations
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Study Guides:

2nd Six Weeks Vocabulary

Physics Review:

Atomic Structure review

6th Grade Final Exam Study Guide

7th Grade Final Exam Study Guide

8th Grade STAAR Study Guide

6th grade
All about energy-
A site with lots of energy about potential and kinetic energy, the law of conservation of energy and energy transformations -

7th grade

Catastrophic Events-