Portfolio Project:
You must complete at least eight projects by April 22, 2011 as follows:
  • one project from the Scientific Method and Investigations Section,
  • two projects from the Life Science section,
  • two projects from the Chemistry section,
  • one project from the Physics section and
  • two projects from the Earth Science section.
You may complete them in any order. You may also suggest a new project and complete it with Ms. Adia’s approval.
When you come into class each day, you will complete the Science Starter or warm up with the class and then decide if you want to participate in that day’s activity or work on your portfolio. You will keep your work in the folder provided to you by Ms. Adia. Ms. Adia will periodically check your work and give you feedback. You may use any books in the Science Library, Brainpop (login: rosemontms password: brainpop) and the resources provided by Ms. Adia to help you complete your projects. When you have questions, ask Ms. Adia for assistance. You may have to be patient if Ms. Adia is working with the rest of the class.
Alternatively, you can create a review guide for all of the 5 objectives. You can use the TAKS study guide as an example and make it easier for your fellow students to use.
Additional projects may be completed for extra credit.
Scientific Method & Investigations (1):
Life Science (2):
  • Create a PowerPoint or poster about genetic (inherited) traits vs. environmental factors
  • Create models of plant and animal cells with descriptions of each organelle and highlighting the difference between plant and animal cells.

Chemistry (2):

Earth Science (2):
  • Create a PowerPoint explaining what caused the March 11, 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan and how erosion changed the landscape of Japan.
  • Complete Ocean Currents, Climate and Weather webquest: http://www.can-do.com/uci/lessons98/Raft.html
  • Create a weather map for Texas and describe the weather at 4 different locations in Texas using this worksheet and books in the Science Library to help you.
  • Complete Lunar Tidal Survival webquest: http://academics.uww.edu/cni/webquest/Fall02/lunar/index.html
  • Choose a country or part of the world and research weather and climate conditions in the area. Find out about the ocean in that part of the world, such things as water temperature, plant and animal habitation, ocean currents, etc. Predict how global warming could change the ocean in your selected part of the world and what would be the resulting climate changes. Present your findings in a report or PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Visit http://hubblesite.org/explore_astronomy/black_holes/home.html and create a PowerPoint presentation about black holes based on what you discover.
  • Create a diorama (ask Ms. Adia for a shoebox if you don’t have one) or a poster with labeled models of: mountain, delta, canyon, coast, beach, river and volcano. Include a report describing each landform and how they are created.