Fourth Six Weeks Assignments:
February 27- CBA and Valence Electrons Review

February 26- Elements and Compounds Review; I Have, Who Has- Weather Edition.
Homework: Get progress report signed. Study for test!

February 25- Atomic Structure and Periodic Table of Elements Foldable
Homework: Bohr model practice

February 22- Finish Science Benchmark Performance Sheets and Continue review of Atoms

February 21- Determine percentage correct by category on Science Benchmark; Atoms Review and Essay

February 20- ELA Benchmark
No Homework

February 19- Science Benchmark
Homework: Get progress report signed

February 18- Finish presenting, review human dependence on ocean systems and take a quiz.

February 15- Present Oceans Project and take notes for a quiz
No homework

February 14- Finish Oceans Project
No homework

February 13- Begin Oceans Project

February 12- Weather Test
Homework: get science progress report signed

February 11- Weather Review
Homework: Study for test

February 8- Quiz; Weather Maps Review

February 7- Weather Maps Lab. There will be a quiz tomorrow!

February 6- Land and Sea Breezes- review of convection and high and low pressure.

February 5- Warm Fronts, Cold Fronts, Stationary Fronts and Occluded Fronts. Demos for warm and cold fronts as well as a review of pressure.

February 4- Under pressure! How pressure affects weather. We are adding to our foldable.
Below are pictures of the foldable so far.
Page 1
Weather Foldable 001.jpg Weather Foldable 002.jpg
Page 2 Weather Foldable 004.jpg
Page 3Weather Foldable 005.jpgWeather Foldable 006.jpgWeather Foldable 007.jpg
January 31- North American Air Masses- We will be adding to our Weather Unit foldable!

January 30- Hurricanes!

January 29- How heat travels through water currents and Air Masses

January 28- Heat Transfer in the Atmosphere

January 25- Finish Radiation Labs and Begin Heat Transfer Foldable; Heat Transfer Quiz.
No homework.

January 24- Angle of Sunlight and Heating of the Earth Labs (Radiation Labs)
Homework: Type of Heat Transfer Homework

January 23: Convection Lab
Homework: Convection Homework

January 22: Conduction Lab
Homework: Conduction Homework

Third Six Weeks Assignments:
January 8: Objects in the universe
Homework: Galaxies and the Universe

December 6: Finish Plate Tectonics Foldable and Plate Tectonics Review (click on thumbnail for bigger image)

Earth and Space foldable 001.jpgEarth and Space foldable 002.jpgEarth and Space foldable 003.jpg
Earth and Space foldable 004.jpg
Earth and Space foldable 005.jpgEarth and Space foldable 006.jpg
Homework: Get your Math and Science Night Carnival sheet signed by a parent.

December 5: Plate Tectonics Foldable
Homework: Page 1 only

December 4: Snack Tectonics Lab
Homework: Landforms and Types of Boundaries:
December 3: Pangea Puzzle- If you were absent or want to see the key, look at this attachment:
Homework: Continental Drift Homework

November 30: Ecology and Ecological Relationships Test

November 29: Review for Test!
Homework: Study for your Test!!

November 28: Oh Deer! Lab

November 27: Present Ecosystems Project:
Homework: Symbiotic Relationships:
November 26: Finish Ecosystems Project and sign up for an Edmodo Account!
Homework: Matching Vocabulary Need some help? Here is a reading to guide you through the vocabulary:

Second Six Weeks Assignments:

November 14, 15, 16- Ecosystems Project.
Homework: Make up missing assignments! Here are some commonly missed items that you can work on at home. Scroll down on this page for videos that can help you with missing labs!

November 13- Review CBA Answers and Begin review of Ecosystems. No homework!
November 12- Second Six Weeks CBA. No homework
November 9- Last day to work on Newton's Laws of Motion Project. No Homework!
Study for your CBA on Monday! Review the two study guides you've gotten this six weeks:

November 8- Continue work on Newton's Laws of Motion Project
Homework: Pages 1 and 3 of the attachment

November 7- Begin Newton's Laws of Motion Project
Jeopardy Template in PowerPoint

November 6- Review Physics Test and Speed Lab; Newton's Laws of Motion Project Introduction.

November 2- Physics Test- No Homework!

November 1- Review Games for tomorrow's test.
Homework: (Most done in class as part of review)

October 31- Newton's Laws review
Homework: Newton's Third Law (only the 2nd page of attachment)

October 30- Newton's Laws of Motion with Demos. Here's a video of the demo for the warm up done in class-

Graphic Organizer:
Here's a site that can help you fill in the blanks in your graphic organizer:

Lab Stations/Demos that go with Graphic Organizer:
Homework: Newton's Second Law Worksheet Pages 1 and 3 of attached pdf

October 29- Discuss Hurricane Sandy.

Finish Speed Lab. Discuss differences between Speed, Velocity and Acceleration. Readings for those who missed class or need more clarification.
Homework: The first PDF was done in class and the second on your own for homework:

October 26- Speed Lab. If you were absent, complete the virtual speed lab here:

be sure to print out your journal entries and table so that I have something to grade.

October 25- Newton's First Law. Here's the video we watched in class

Homework: Use the video to help you with definitions

October 24- Finish Counting Atoms and Begin talking about Balanced and Unbalanced Forces. Demo from class Presentation from class

Homework: Net forces worksheet. Write the net force and direction the object will move.

October 23- Counting Atoms and recognizing balanced equations
Homework: Make corrections to your test using your study guide and get it signed by your parent.

October 22- Lab Practical (test) . If you were absent, make an appointment with Ms. Adia to take it.
No homework!

October 19- Readistep
Homework: Study for test

October 18- Balancing Equations Quiz/Project. If you were absent today, you need to make an appointment with Ms. Adia to take this quiz.

October 17- More practice balancing equations! We will have a poster quiz tomorrow.
October 16- Today we will finish the ivy lab by removing the ivy leaves from the rubbing alcohol and putting an iodine solution on the leaves. Watch the videos below if you missed class. (Note on the video that I said the leaf had been soaking over night in oil, that is incorrect. The leaf had been soaking overnight in rubbing alcohol). The following rubric will be used to grade the conclusion (Question #4)

We will also finish our balancing chemical equation notes and practice balancing equations with whiteboards.


October 15- Today we will make bservations of the ivy leaves that were half covered in foil and put them in rubbing alcohol over night.

Balancing Chemical Equations made easy

Homework: Balanced or Unbalanced?

October 12- Balancing Chemical Equations foldable.
Balancing Equations Foldable 001.jpgBalancing Equations Foldable 002.jpg

Observations of Ivy PlantIvy Day 2.jpg

October 11- Review Physical and Chemical Changes; Conservation of Mass Lab
Homework: Understanding Chemical Reactions
If you were absent, or want to see the reaction again, view this video:

October 10- Dry Ice Lab! Homework- part two of the attached sheet AND whatever else you didn't complete in class!
October 9- Reteach stations based on CBA results. Homework: Get your CBA breakdown and goal setting form signed by a parent or gaurdian.

First Six Weeks Assignments:

October 5- Go over CBA and journal observations

October 4- CBA & 1st Six Weeks Survey

October 3 - Review for CBA
Homework- Study Guide for 1st CBA

October 2- Lewis Dot Diagrams- Powerpoint
Homework: Lewis Dot Diagram worksheet

October 1- Valence Electrons and Bonding- Egg Carton Electrons Activity
Homework: Draw a conclusion

September 28- PTE Quiz; No homework!

September 27- Guest speaker from Lockheed Martin
Homework: PTE Number of Shells and Valence Electrons

September 26- Periodic Table Foldable
chemistry foldables 001.jpgchemistry foldables 002.jpg
Homework: Periodic Table Puzzle- you will need to use your periodic table for this!

September 25- Paint Chip Lab If you are finishing your lab for homework, you can use Chapter 3 in your textbook or the linked PDF.
Homework- Periodic Table Basics

September 24- Review test, current grade and finish missing or incomplete assignments.
Homework- get your progress report signed by a parent or gaurdian

September 21- TEST! No homework

September 20-
More Bohr Diagram Practice with Find Someone Who, Sage and Scribe and Round Rally Robin.
Homework: Study for tomorrow's test with this Atomic Structure Review:

chemistry foldables 001.jpgchemistry foldables 002.jpg
chemistry foldables 003.jpgchemistry foldables 004.jpg
chemistry foldables 005.jpgchemistry foldables 006.jpg

chemistry foldables 007.jpg
September 19- Today we will be playing catch up and reviewing the atom. We are also building an atom in class. This is a project grade. If you are absent, you will need to make this up with Ms. Adia before school or during lunch.
Homework: More Bohr Model Practice! This time with valence electrons.

September 18- Ms. Adia is ill. You will be reading the chapter from the book on atoms along with a notetaking guide .

September 17- More Bohr Model Practice and Fill a Frame Game

September 13- Bohr Model Practice
No Homework

September 12- Create chemistry portfolio; the Atoms Family Window Frame
Homework- Atomic Math 2

September 11 - Finish lab and present posters.
Homework- Atomic Math 1
September 10 - Inquiry Lab
Homework- Study Tips

September 7- Mystery Tube Lab

September 6- Quiz over Lab Safety and the Scientific Method. If you were absetn, please see Ms. Adia to make an apoointment to take the quiz.
Homework: Answer the questions on your personalized goal sheet and get it signed by a parent or gaurdian.

September 5- Puzzle Lab; What is a Theory?
Homework: When Did Science Begin?

September 4- Scientific Method review and Foldable; Begin Sprouts Investigation

lab safety foldable 002.jpg lab safety foldable 001.jpg
Homework: Hypothesis and Predictions

August 31st- Lab Roles Logic Game; Mystery Lab
No homework! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

August 30- Lab Safety review and Foldable. Hurricane Isaac Update.
Homework: Write rule numbers 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,and 11 from the Safety Agreement in your foldable. We will check it tomorrow. lab safety foldable' 001.jpglab safety foldable' 002.jpg

August 29- Benchmark
Homework: Beginning of Year Survey

August 28th- Lab Safety; What gives strength to Hurricane Isaac?
Homework: Sponge Bob Lab Safety

August 27th- Class Procedures and Setting Goals


6th Six Weeks Assignments
May 3/4
6th Grade: Homework- Understanding Science
7th Grade: Homework- Atomic Structure practice. On the second page, give the Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, Number of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons and draw a model of the atom for each element. Use the periodic table to help you.
May 1/2
6th Grade: no homework
7th grade homework: Types of Behavior
April 27/30- BOTH 6th and 7th grade: Periodic Table Puns Part 2 Periodic Table

5th Six Weeks Assignments

April 16/17 Homework NEXT TIME- We will have an open note test. Make sure you bring your foldable*
6th Grade: Creature Feature

7th Grade: Body Systems Crossword

April 11/12 - NO HOMEWORK!

April 9/10 Homework
6th: Life's Classification and Structure reading answer the reading checks and key concepts
7th: Respiratory and Integumentary Frayer Model
April 4/5 NO HOMEWORK! Enjoy your long weekend with your family.

April 2/3 Homework
6th Simple to Complex Homework
7th Digestive and Muscular Systems

March 29/30 Homework
6th Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells Homework
7th Skeletal and Circulatory Systems

March 23/26 Homework
6th Science Probe Cells
7th Science Probe Body Systems

March 21/22 Homework
6th Ecosystem Worksheet
7th Levels of Organization of Living Things

4th Six Weeks Assignments
January 27/30
6th- Elements in living things and the Earth foldable and Window Paning
Homework- Read "Earth's Structure" and answer questions on last page.

7th- Finish Heredity Vocabulary Foldable; Heredity Lab. BBC video on Heredity
Homework- Spongebob Genetics Worksheet

January 25/26
6th/7th Stanford Test
Homework: Hypothesis Practice

January 23/24

January 19/20
6th Grade: Finish Slime Lab and review how to write a hypothesis and design an investigation.
Write a procedure (step-by-step list) of a daily activity (e.g. brushing your teeth, making a sandwich). Be specific!

7th Grade: Finish Energy Pyramid foldable and worksheet. Review how to write a hypothesis and design an investigation.
Homework: Write a procedure (step-by-step list) of a daily activity (e.g. brushing your teeth, making a sandwich). Be specific!

January 17/18
6th Grade: Chemical and Physical Changes- SLIME LAB
Homework: Chemical and Physical Changes Worksheet
7th Grade: Review Semester Exam; Energy Pyramid Foldable
Homework: Energy Flow in Pyramids

Assignments will be posted once they have been assigned in class.

3rd Six Weeks AssignmentsJanuary 5/66th and 7th grades- Review for Semester Finals!No homework- STUDY!!!

January 3/46th Grade:Chemical and Physical Changes Dry Ice LabHomework- Chemical vs. Physical Changes 1

7th Grade:Food Chains and DecompositionHomework- Food Chains

December 13/14 or 15/16 - because of library availablity, some classes went to the library on Tuesday and some went on Friday which means that each class might have been learning in a slightly different order6th GradeResearch day for science fair in the libraryMineral ClassificationHomework- get science fair journal parent page signed

7th GradeResearch day for science fair in the libraryFinish photosynthesis foldableHomework- get science fair journal parent page signed

December 9/126th Grade:Review Test, Compounds vs. Elements

7th Grade:Photosynthesis- create foldableHomework- photosynthesis worksheet

December 7/86th Grade- A link to the logic puzzles web site can be found in Fun and Cool Science Sites under general section.TESTDensity LabHomework: Density Practice

7th GradeReview Test Finish Yeast BeastChemical Changes LabHomework: Physical or Chemical?

December 5/66th Grade: Finish Periodic Table CardsDensity LessonHomework: Density Review

7th Grade:TESTHomework: Physical and Chemical Changes

December 1/26th Grade:Review Atoms and Elements: Create Element cards for BIG periodic tableHomework: Periodic Table Puns

7th Grade:Digestion and Physical/Chemical Changes. Review of Organic Compounds and Atomic StructureHomework: Digestion Question

November 29/306th Grade: Element Card Sort- How is the Periodic Table Arranged? Link to elements song. Meet the Elements
Homework: Elements Crosswords (there are a few missing words)

7th Grade: Create Organic Compounds Book and Start Yeast BeastHomework: Organic Compounds Table

November 18/286th Grade: QUIZ; Periodic Table- Metals, Metalloids and Nonmetals; FoldableHomework: None

7th Grade: QUIZOrganic Compounds NotesHomework: None
November 16/176th Grade: Paint Chip Periodic Table LabHomework: None

7th Grade: Atomic StructureHomework: Atmomic Structure NCHOPS

November 14/156th Grade: Parts of an Atom- The Atoms FamilyHomework: Atomic Structure (second page only)

7th Grade: Review Elements and CompoundsHomework: Counting Atoms
2nd Six Weeks Assignments

Assignments will be posted once they have been assigned in class.
October 28/316th Grade: TESTFinish Project

7th GradeTESTIntroduction to watershedsHomework: Create a informational poster on one of the "Dirty Dozen."

October 26/276th GradeContinue work on project, due next class period.Homework:

7th GradeWeathering Erosion and Deposition reviewHomework: Study for test! Use your Weathering, Erosion and Depostion foldable, your cut and past vocabulary and your Mechanical and Chemical Weathering Review.

October 24/256th GradeQuizConvection Investigation: Conduction, Convection and Radiation ReviewBegin Project: Homework: Bring any materials necessary to complete project.

7th GradeQuizFinish LabMechanical and Chemical Weathering WebQuest Homework: Humans Affect on WED

October 20/216th GradeDensity and Heat TransferHomework:

7th GradeWeathering, Erosion and Deposition Notes and FoldableHomework:

October 18/196th Grade:TEST!Heat Transfer Foldable Homework: Heat Transfer Diagram

7th Grade:Physical and Chemical Changes ReviewWeathering InvestigationHomework: Chemical and Mechanical (Physical) Weathering

October 14/176th Grade:Energy Transformations reviewHomework: Study for our test next class!

7th GradeTEST!Homework: Weathering Vs. Erosion Frayer Model October 12/13

6th Grade: Computer Lab- Transform it on Jason.orgHomework- Energy Transformations 2

7th Grade: Catastrophic Event Project Presentations; Review for Test Homework- Pick 5 Catastrophic Events and describe the long-term effects

October 7/ 116th grade: Quiz! Forms of energy foldable. Homework:

7th grade:Quiz! complete project. Homework: Castastrophic Events Crossword puzzle

October 5/66th GradeRollercoaster Lab- If you were absent, ask Ms. Adia for a worksheet to do an online rollercoaster lab.Homework:

7th gradeCatastrophic Events and EcosystemsWe took notes with a note taking guide (ask Ms. Adia for a key if you were absent) and began research for our Poster project. Homework:

October 3/46th GradeToday we begin our energy unit. We create an energy portfolio and a potential vs kinetic energy foldable. See Ms. Adia to make up if you were absent.Energy Song (extra credit if you come up with a "dance" that goes with the lyrics of the chorus- the motions should reflect the lyrics) Homework: Potential vs. Kinetic Worksheet:

7th Grade:Today we review Biotic and Abiotic Factors and began learning about Catastrophic Events.Homework: Abiotic vs. Biotic Factors 1st Six Weeks Assignments
Assignments will be posted once they have been assigned in class.

September 26/27
6th grade
Binder Quiz- See Ms. Adia to make an appointment to retake it if you missed it.
Baseball Review!

Binder Quiz- See Ms. Adia to make an appointment to retake it if you missed it.

Baseball Review!


September 23/26
6th grade
Simple Machines Sort, Net Forces Practice
Homework: Time Position Graph

7th grade
Habitable Zone Foldable with BrainPop
Homework: Work Practice

September 21/22
6th grade
Vocab sort:
Simple Machines Review and activities Ed Heads Compound Machine Balanced/Unbalanced Forces review from Brainpop.

7th grade
Our incredible planet and the habitable zone!
Vocab sort:
Homework: Go to the Discussion tab on THIS page, read the linked article and post a comment using your FIRST and LAST name!

September 19/20
6th grade
TEST- Experiments and Speed. See Ms. Adia to make up
Homework: Get project acknowledgement form signed and complete the Planning Page from your Project due 9/27-9/28

7th grade

TEST- Experiments and Work. See Ms. Adia to make up

Homework: Get project acknowledgement form signed from your Project due 9/27-9/28. Remember, you should be looking at the moon every night to fill in your moon phases calendar!

September 14/15
6th grade
Quiz: See Ms. Adia to make up
Speed Graph Practice
Bun Bun Goma Conclusion
Factor Labeling- We didn't have time to fully cover in class, so if you complete the "homework"

assignment it will count as extra credit. You need the conversion sheet to help you: This gives a brief example of how to do factor labeling:This site gives some more examples.

7th Grade:
Quiz: See Ms. Adia to make up
Forces foldable using this video.
Forces and Motion Ramp Lab (need a computer):
Hypothesis Worksheet

September 12/13
6th Grade
Homework- Speed Graphs

7th grade
Homewok- Work Problems

September 8/9
6th grade:
Quiz- See Ms. Adia to make up
Bun Bun Goma Lab- See Ms. Adia to make up
Homework: get syllabus signed- see syllabus page for a copy

7th grade:

Quiz- See Ms. Adia to make up

Music Lab- See Ms. Adia to make up

Homework: get syllabus signed- see syllabus page for a copy

September 6/7
6th grade:
Gumball Lab- See Ms. Adia to make up
Notes/Practice from Class:

7th grade:
Experiments Presentation-
Homework: Sponge Bob Experiments 2

September 1/2
6th grade: Homework: Sponge Bob Experiments worksheet
Experiments Presentation for notes:

7th grade:Lab Equipment worksheet-
Lab Equipment Stations- see Ms. Adia to make up

August 30/31:

6th grade: Come up with a hypothesis and an experiment to test it. Write this on a spare piece

of paper and be preared to turn it in.

Safety Symbols Presentation for notes

August 26/29

6th grade: Homework- A to Z Science

7th grade: Homework:

August 24/25

Color the stoplight using this rubric:

Homework: Write down what is wrong with each numbered spot in the "What Not to Do Lab."

August 22/23

Homework is to get the newsletter signed! Bring materials ASAP!