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Example PowerPoint:

Choose a Career

Interest Inventory:

Career Possibilities Worksheet:

Using your interest inventory, go to this page to fill out the career possibilities.

Create a Budget

Budget Calculator:

Housing and Utilities Spreadsheet- use this to help you with the math!

Resources for the budget calculator:

Find a home: How much home can you afford? Your mortgage should be no more than 28% of your income before taxes. So, a person making $50,000 a year can afford a mortgage payment of $1,166 a month. This would be a mortgage of about $175,000 according the calculator you will use below.

Calculate Housing
Determine how much your mortgage will be
Add property tax and home owners insurance by taking your home price and multiplying it by 2.5% (when putting it in a calculator use 0.025). This number is your annual amount for property tax and home owners insurance. Divide that annual number by 12. This is your monthly amount for property tax and home owners insurance. Add this amount to your monthly mortgage for your budget.
For example. If you have a $130,000 home, $130,000 x 2.5% = 3,250 (annual amount) $3,250/12= $270.83 (monthly amount). The monthly mortgage payment for a $130,000 home is $864.89. To get your monthly house payment, $864.89+$270.83= $1,135.70. This is the amount to put in your budget where it says "Housing."

Utilities includes electric, gas, water, phone, tv and internet. Sites to find the monthly cost for these things are below:
Determine average montly electric/gas bill:

Determine average water bill:

Determine average monthly phone bill (cell phone only is included at this time):

Determine average monthly tv bill:

Determine average internet bill: Visit this site to compare providers and costs in your area

Determine medical insurance (these are annual amounts, you will need to divide it by 12 to get a monthly amount)

Determine transportation costs: This link gives you an annual number, so you will need to divide that by 12 to come up with your monthly cost.

Determine average grocery bill:

Begin Creating your PowerPoint

Remeber that content is more important than the appearance of the presentation. Make your presentation look nice with pictures after you have all the content complete!

Choose a College or Trade School to Attend

In your presentation, describe where the college or trade school is located and how much tuition is.

Use this website to help you find a college:

Identify Grants and Scholarships

In your presentation, make sure to describe what you need to do to be eligible for the grants and scholarships you mention